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It's all fun and games, until it's not: Leaving You behind


So I finally put chapter one online of my new Glee fanfiction.
I hope you will all like it.
And share it with your friends.

Titel : Leaving you Behing
Pairing : Nick Duval X Jeff Sterling
Genre : Romance/Drama
Planned Chapters : Four

Summary : Nick finished his last year at Dalton, and is…

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A random drabble written while I was supposed to be taking notes in PoliSci. 

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I'm just trying to figure myself out...: Growth Spurt (A Niff Oneshot)


Summary: After having to go to Denver to visit his relatives all summer, Jeff comes back to Dalton Academy and is excited to see his boyfriend. Then he sees his boyfriend got taller.

“Hey, Sterling,” someone wrapped their arms around his shoulder from behind.

Jeff snorted, “Hey, Seb.”


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Could I Love You


Rating: M

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Nick/Jeff

Chapters: 5

Complete: In Progress

Summary: Kurt Hummel is plucked away from his life in Ohio to a life of orders. Placed in a slave auction at the age of seventeen and bought by a man named Blaine Anderson, He must stand up and try to not forget his previous life. Could Kurt love this stranger?

Chapter One


best birthday cake I ever got!
based on the niff fanart of lovely Ines :D
it was freaking delicious. I can tell you that!
although it was rather painful to cut them apart. :P

This is literally the best cake I have ever seen, ever.

The Way You Move / / Niff


  • CHARACTERS: Nick Duval & Jeff Sterling
  • LOCATION: Jeff’s Dance Studio/Nick’s car
  • TIME: A little after 11
  • NOTES: Nick and Jeff get a little hot and heavy then have a conversation.

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The Proposal - Niff Drabble


Nick wants to propose Jeff and he has everything planned out. Or so he thought. Things didn’t quite work out like he was thinking! 

I hope you’ll like it! :)

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“Jeff what are you doing? You want to kiss me right now?”

“Kurt is watching us”

“Let’s hug and then we can fuck”

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just a quick little doodle that I did last night at like 5 am…